The past eighteen months has not been a good time for couples hoping to tie the knot. Newly weds across LA, however, are giving new hope to those couples - and a bucket of inspiration, too. Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts recently revealed their outdoor white wedding to the LA Times, and it’s served up a huge bowl of excitement for those hoping to enjoy their own nuptials with friends and family around. With the clouds finally lifting, LA can once again play host to some of the most awesome weddings on the planet - with Hollywood there to give inspiration.

Customizing jewelry

What a wedding can or can’t be has been necessarily stripped back. This means that couples have had to get creative - and they’ve done so in style. Jewelry, and the iconic wedding band, has been at the forefront of this. Gulf News highlighted the wedding of Hollywood star Issa Rae to Louis Diame, and the curious and unique wedding bands that both stars wore - and indeed will now wear, hopefully, for the rest of their lives. Getting a little extra bit of inspiration in on the fine details is one way to reflect that LA glamour even when the weddings need to be toned down.

The micro-wedding

LA is huge, but space in the city is often cramped. In many ways, the inexorable rise of micro-weddings is evidence of that and a reflection of wider society. USA Today noted the rising costs, but also highlighted the fact that these smaller events are often so much better to organise, decorate and personalize. Indeed, Issa Rae and Niecy Nash only had small functions, but they packed a lot of flavour and personalization into the big day. LA has so much vibrancy and detail pumped into every street and avenue - reflecting that on the wedding day is a big challenge, but something that can be a great way to express yourself.

Plain and simple

There’s also another trend to follow - one expertly set by Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz and her husband, David Stanley. In July they were wed at an outdoor LA venue, and their big day was, according to People, marked by simplicity. David wore a simple black tux and bow tie; Jenna a beautiful, yet simple, white wedding gown. This is a quite bit of simplicity, and can say as much about the big day as any other feature. In many ways, this reflects the micro-wedding vibe, and the use of jewelry to customize - it’s a nod to keeping things plain, focusing on the people involved in the big day, and ensuring that it’s one to remember in clear focus.

Brought together, that’s the beautiful LA wedding of the modern day. Rather than being ostentatious, huge, or over-the-top, it’s simple, small, and with intricate details to reflect the couple. Weddings are back on, and the star couples of LA are showing how to do it in style.