The Mardo brothers Aron and Robert (vocals/bass and drums respectively), bring another high-energy Mardo release to the public with The New Gun . The synergy definitely seems to show outward on the gritty hard rock album that has been called a cross between AC/DC and Mötley Crüe . The melodies are contagious and the riffs pound home a sense of raw, bare-backing fun.   In regards to The New Gun , Aron explains, “It's totally different from the first one, but [not intentionally]. I think the only thing that really changed, was us. We didn't really plan anything [and] a lot of the songs we didn't even complete as far as the writing of them. We just went in and wanted that spontaneous outcome of anything could happen.”

In just four short weeks Mardo recorded its new album, with the majority of the albums tracks being unprompted, which Aron says, helped the brothers grow to give the album its feel.

“Our only rule was that we weren't gonna follow any rules, no formulas, and we just kinda did whatever came natural. It came very easily as far as time goes,” he says.

“There was a lot of depth surrounding the band and there was a lot of knowing what to hold onto and learning what to let go of. Like anything else, it gets to the point where it literally almost comes to blows because passion is involved. Not ego, but passion. People get things in their mind that have to be a certain way or don't have to be a certain way and it can come to blows sometimes. But it's a give-and-take and it was a great learning experience for the band and the record's been doing phenomenal for us. Especially live, the reaction's been unbelievable for it. We're very proud of the record.”  

When asked who the band's influences are, Aron states plainly, “Girls.”

Awkward silence.

“You want me to continue, don't you? … You know its weird, probably our biggest musical influences aren't musical. Everything from different artists to poets, to friends, attorneys, television ... we observe a lot on the outside and write about what it is … not necessarily what we're feeling, but what we think maybe somebody else is feeling from a conversation that we observed or eavesdropped on, and reading body language, hearing what they're trying to say to each other, reading between the lines and kind of making something out of it.

“Pretty much anything, anything that catches you. A lot of people write about love or whatever because it's a very strong emotion but I think with songwriting a lot of other emotions are ignored, as far as greed, gluttony, joy, ecstasy, whatever it is. And so we try to touch upon all the senses without having to pigeonhole ourselves with ‘oh we're influenced by blah blah blah band and that's why we sound like this.'

“As far as music, we listen to everything. My brother and I have very different taste in music. One of my favorites of all time is Buddy Holly, I like all the Disney records from Davy Crockett or The Rescuers or Pete's Dragon. I've been listening to Jim Croce quite a bit lately. I like Gershwin. My brother likes Van Halen.”  

Aron's brother Robert awakes (literally) and joins in the discussion. “It's really good [working with my brother] because there's that kind of kinetic energy that I don't think you can get from meeting people on the street and putting a band together,” he says.

“We can call each other's shots out a little bit. We have this bond… so many years of being together. I think he pretty much knows where I'm going with things and I think I pretty much know where he's going with things. If we're playing live, and I just decide to stop and take something in to a total different area, he's right there along with me and it picks right up. Also too, we feed off each other, its great. It provides for the ultimate rock 'n' roll experience. We're all on the same page. You don't have a lot of different directions going on.”  

Mardo is currently on tour with Vast and quickly was moved up into the direct support slot for the headliners. The other bands for the West Coast leg of the tour have also been bumped so that Mardo may remain the supporting act for Vast, and chances are band will accompany Vast to Germany and Japan, Australia, New Zealand and all of Europe.

In the Greater Los Angeles area, the guys are playing the Taste of Newport with Smashmouth. “We're kinda buddies with those guys from a long time ago,” Aron says, “and then we'll be playing the Viper Room with Vast.”

The guys have already opened for such legends as R.E.M. and King's X. There are a lot of bands that Mardo would love to tour with but, as Aron says, “Some of ‘em have us kicked off of bills ‘cause they don't want us playing before them. It's happened a couple times and, shit I can't blame ‘em, I wouldn't wanna follow us!”

Is Mardo the next rock 'n' roll superstar band? The brothers think so.   In the meantime, rock fans can celebrate the return of Grit Rock!

The New Gun is currently available. Mardo will perform Sept. 15 at the Taste of Newport Festival, in Newport Beach, Sept. 19 at the Key Club, in West Hollywood and Sept. 20 at the Viper Room, in West Hollywood. For more information, visit