Sex toys make appearances in lots of movies, but only few have changed the perception of them. We looked at the most acclaimed ones with the best scenes starring a toy. These aren’t all love stories or romantic comedies – even action films feature toys. We can’t forget the scene in Fight Club, where Brad Pitt and a girl walked into a room and saw a dildo sitting on a table. “It’s not a threat to you,” the girl was quick to say, not that she needed to. It’s Brad Pitt. 

1. 50 Shades of Grey 

This is an obvious first choice. Following the release of the 50 Shades trilogy, sex toy sales skyrocketed in many countries around the world. The industry celebrated many happy Valentine's Days thereafter! After all kinds of kinky toys popped up in the popular movie, a lot of ordinary people realized this could be something for them.  

The erotic films and novels they were based on are packed with references to toys and scenes featuring bondage, inspiring viewers to purchase blindfolds, whips, and other BDSM paraphernalia. After the films were released, market researchers reported that adult shop industry sales had doubled in the US, adding that the movies’ influence helped shift perceptions of toys “from taboo toward more of a social norm."  

The Fifty Shades trilogy has sold 90 million copies and counting across the globe since hitting bookstores a decade ago. As toys become increasingly mainstream, you no longer have to go to a questionable part of town to make these kinds of purchases (from a seedy looking store selling gag gifts and porn). 

Today, Walmart and other drugstores carry a vast variety of lubricants and some vibrators. In the US, Target sold Fifty Shades-inspired items, such as a twin blindfold set. After the movie came out, the pleasure balls it featured, the so-called Ben Wa balls, went out of stock industry-wide. When searching for a more specialized product, shop from correspondingly specialized retailers like HotCherry

Facilitated by the popularity of Fifty Shades and changing norms, adult toy stores started moving into upscale residential neighborhoods. In these stores, they call toys sexual wellness products. Some of them feature elegant lingerie in the window. It even came to some owners of sex toy stores making their staff watch the movies because customers wanted to talk about them. People would call or come in and say, “I want that product from that scene / part in the book where so and so does so and so.” 

Finally, the movies helped increase sales for online sex toy retailers as well. They inspired buyers to experiment more. There’s no denying the mass appeal of online sex shops. You can browse products to your heart’s content without feeling awkward or pressured to buy anything. The best online shops feature detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and discreet shipping and billing. 

2. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 

One of Guy Ritchie’s most memorable films – and the most memorable scene in it! Soap must make a payment to Hatchet Harry, which he really doesn’t want to do (understandable). He’s thinking about skipping it. However, Bacon changes his mind by telling him the story of Smithy Robinson, a man who didn’t pay Harry, but didn’t live to tell because he was battered to death with a 15 inch rubber dildo, which was the closest thing Harry had at hand. Admittedly, this movie changed the perception of creditors more than that of sex toys, but yes, sex toys are multifunctional tools. 

3. Me, Myself, and Irene 

Jim Carrey’s Charlie accuses Rene Zellweger’s Irene of using a huge dildo and starts making fun of her. She replies that it was Hank, his alter ego, who purchased the dildo to use on himself. This movie got a lot of people interested in pegging, which is much more accepted now than it was back then. 

4. Not Another Teen Movie 

Right at the beginning of the movie, one of the main characters, Janey Briggs takes out her vibrator while in bed watching a romantic film. As she does that, an entire congregation busts into her room – grandparents, brother, father, some children she does volunteer work with, and even a priest. It’s her birthday and they couldn’t let her enjoy it. 

It was a nightmare for her; even some viewers felt embarrassed. We all felt for her, actually. Like any crush, there is always the nice, pretty girl wearing glasses who you should have chosen in the first place, because she always turns out hotter than the girl you crushed on – like Janey. If you haven’t seen Not Another Teen Movie, do it now. For the soundtrack and that scene if nothing else.  

5. How I Met Your Mother 

Robin got Lily a "recreational fake penis" for her bridal shower. The problem? The shower was almost exclusively attended by older relatives. To conceal the gift, Robin switched gift cards with another present. 

Lily opens the box with the fake penis, thinking it’s from her grandmother, and is understandably shocked. Ultimately, Robin confesses it was actually hers. Reactions are much more normal than expected.

There’s no shortage of laughs with How I Met Your Mother. As Marshall’s best man, Ted plans the bachelor party. Barney wants to get a stripper, but Marshall doesn’t. Barney tries to convince Ted, but isn’t able to. Ted’s dead set on eating steaks from a cow he purchased on the internet and watching a boxing match. Ultimately, Barney’s having none of that and he “smuggles” a stripper into the hotel room. The stripper breaks her ankle during the performance and has to go to the hospital and everyone misses the match. 

After the awkward bridal shower, Lily and Robin go down to the bar and find Ted and Marshall there. They learn all about the ill-thought-out bachelor party. Marshall’s actually so upset that he doesn’t want Barney at the wedding. Lily changes his mind, telling him how Barney convinced her to go back to him after they’d broken their engagement off.