Whether it’s in the gym, studio or at home on a Peloton, lots of people are discovering the benefits of cardio cycling classes. It doesn’t take long before realizing that clipping yourself into the pedals makes a huge difference in maintaining your cadence and providing a more well-rounded workout.

But when it comes to cycling shoes, most focus primarily on the riding experience, not being able to walk comfortably off the bike. That’s not the case with Pearl Izumi’s women’s-specific Vesta Studio shoes, which allow wearers to easily transition from the bike to a gym workout. The upper features a seamless mesh design for maximum breathability in those hot rooms, and the single-strap closure makes it easy to adjust the fit. The shoe is plenty stiff for transferring energy from your feet to the pedals while still giving you flexibility in the toe, so you’re not walking around like Frankenstein’s monster. The cleat mount is also recessed to avoid that clicking sound that comes with many cycling shoes as you walk on a flat floor.

Forget having to bring multiple pairs of shoes to the gym — ride (and walk) in comfort during every workout with these impressive performers.

Price: $125, pearlizumi.com

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