These classic Depeche Mode sides are presented as two-disc sets with each package containing a CD of the material as originally released along with a DVD of the songs remastered in 5.1 audio. Along with the bump up in sound quality, each DVD includes bonus tracks without cannibalizing each other, so for example the extra goodies on Violator include “Memphisto,” “Sibeling” and “Sea of Sin,” tracks not found in any form on the other two discs. “Agent Orange,” the Glitter Mix of “Pleasure Little Treasure,” “Ice Machine” and “Route 66” are just a few of the 19 bonus tracks scattered over these three releases.

While really loaded up with audio, each DVD also includes some video in the form of a short film. The documentary on the Violator package opens with amazing footage of the band's ill-fated in-store appearance in Los Angeles where those waiting in a 15 block long line erupted into a near riot.

The band ended up fleeing the record store after a mere four minutes and went back to its hotel to watch the scene on TV. Rebroadcast for days by network stations, the publicity garnered from the incident was key in pushing Depeche Mode to superstardom in the States.

Speak & Spell's film looks at the band in its formative years of 1980-81 with the inclusion of footage shot on its home turf of Basildon, England while the video on Music for the Masses picks up the group about seven years later with concert snippets showing a much evolved, arty and self-aware style. All three films splice in vintage and current comments from band members and friends and even the most knowledgeable of fans will surely learn something new during the viewing.

Grade: A (each)