Police Detective Chan's (Simon Yam) obsessive devotion to bringing down crime lord Wong Po (Sammo Hung) hit a fatal roadblock after Chan's smoking-gun witness was killed by one of Wong Po's men. Now, off his squad and with a disease threatening to cut his life short, Chan is determined to exact revenge by any means necessary before his time is up. It all comes down to whether his old squadmates – and his replacement, Detective Ma (Donnie Yen) – stand with him or simply in his way.

Known worldwide as Sha Po Lang , Kill Zone is being labeled a savior of Hong Kong cinema, and it's not hard to imagine why. Were the cast and its gifts not enough of a selling point, wait until you see what they do to each other with those gifts.

The action is fast and raw, the storytelling first-rate, the ending at once brilliant is poetic and terribly unkind. If the more dreamy martial arts films of recent years have left you cold, this could be the tonic you've been seeking. In Cantonese with English subtitles, but a passable English dub is also available.

Grade: A