Two longtime friends (Lazaro Ramos and Wagner Moura) are on their way to Salvador de Bahia via boat. And guess what? A dancer named Karinna (Alice Braga) needs a ride to that very same place. Guess what else? She's really attractive.

Can you guess what happens next? Yes, Lower City is yet another story of a love triangle gone wrong. But of all the movies about love triangles gone wrong, there may not exist a sexier, more violent, more hard-charged one than this one.

What Lower City lacks in narrative originality, it more than compensates for in blood, tears and bucket fulls of sweat. If you've ever wished for a love story with more adrenaline than most action films, congratulations: That wish has been granted. In Portuguese with English and Spanish subtitles.

Extras: Deleted scenes, cast rehearsal footage, behind-the-scenes feature.

Grade: B+