Only three things are needed for my survival here on Earth: text messaging, water and pens. For a writer like me, all three are essential, especially pens. I always carry a tape recorder but really the time honored journalistic tradition is the notepad and pen.

Journalists need a pen – standard black ink, sometimes red for copyediting; actually everyone from businesspeople to students need a pen that lasts long and can turn heads.

Witness the strength of the Inka Pen. It can cause double takes with its carbon and 304 stainless steel, meticulous manufacturing and innovative design. The Inka can either be a mini-sized pen or fully sized writing machine complete with PDA stylus for on-the-go use with any touch screen. Add in a lifetime warranty and you and this pen are in it for the long run.

And if you're a person that needs even more strength, you're covered with the Titanium Inka which has all the standard features in addition to aerospace titanium and a carbon fiber composite. The Titanium is extremely light, strong (holy oxymoron!) and corrosion resistant. With this pen, everyone's head will turn your way.

You mainly use pens for writing in the safety of your room, office, or on your dining table if need be. Things change when you're in possession of an Inka Pen. Whether you're in snow, sleet, or 105-degree weather, writing can and will be done.

Though it'll be difficult to find waterproof paper, doodling with the Inka Pen underwater is not; it's taken care of. A pressurized ink cartridge does the trick.

Say goodbye to the disposable pen. I can only hope for a red inked version.

Suggested retail price for the Inka Pen is $25 and the suggested retail price for the Titanium Inka Pen is $89.95. For more information, visit .