Classical music refers to a more formal and sophisticated type of music. It’s associated with the music composed between the 1750s and the 1820s. 

During this time, music was made only for the rich and famous. It was only accessible to the royalty, nobility, or clergy. Thus, classical music was once called an elitist kind of music. But things changed in the modern era as more people had access to it.

The classical style of music has many distinct characteristics. It is usually played on a piano, cello, or violin, characterized by its clear and smooth sound. Furthermore, an abrupt change in tone, melody, and rhythm is also frequent in this style.    

Many people are interested in learning classical music because of its excellent composition. It’s also known as one of the best eras in music because it produced many prominent musicians. Thus, new learners are eager to learn about it. If you are one of those people, here are ways you can learn classical music:

Read About Its History

Reading about classical music’s history would let you appreciate it more as a learner. Classical music has a rich sense of history. This is because it was also composed when Europe and the West were undergoing revolutionary changes in society. Thus, it would be great to read about it to understand its influences.  

Some historians also dubbed the classical era of music 'the golden age of music.' Many musical composers such as Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven were hailed from this era too. The amount of talent these composers showed is still unmatched to this day. And they also left an impact on the musical world.    

There are also other equally talented composers you should read about. Pablo de Sarasate of Spain is one of these classical composers. He is a violinist and pianist who was a child prodigy. His talents were soon recognized by Queen Isabela II of Spain, where he was gifted a Stradivarius violin for it. Read more here if you’re interested in his story.   

Listen To It

Listening to music encourages you to learn about it. Many music enthusiasts are interested in learning classical music because of its demeanor. 

You don’t have to memorize and thoroughly study musical scores. Instead, just familiarize yourself with its style and technique. This would greatly help if you want to start learning.  

Classical music is now easily accessible to anyone. You can easily stream it online and on music streaming channels. Therefore, you can now listen to it even when you’re doing something.   

Practice Playing Alone

The skill of classical musicians relies on their ability to play an instrument. As you know, classical music has no vocals. Thus, it focuses on the precision and timing of playing the music on the instrument. Emotions are also felt more through the melody and rhythm of the score.

The instrument is the focus of classical music. Hence, new musicians should religiously practice playing it. Classical music also values perfection when playing. However, it's important not to focus on being perfect. Instead, focus more on learning and constantly practicing pieces.  

Join A Classical Music Club

Joining a musical club is also one way to learn classical music. You can learn many things from fellow music enthusiasts. Moreover, you can get great advice and lessons from senior members of the group.

Music clubs also open you to a lot of opportunities. They may have many materials that can help you in your music journey. You could also meet new friends who have the same interest as you. Thus, making your learning experience more fun, exciting, and easier.

Enroll In A Music Course

Enrolling in a music course could greatly help if you want to start playing classical music. With a teacher or mentor, you may be able to reach your full potential. They can give professional advice to help you perfect your craft. Classical music is also a more complex form of music. Thus, being on your own might not be enough.

Nowadays, many classical musicians offer lessons to beginners. Musical institutions also give different courses and programs on classical music. Lectures are also available online. You just have to find a teacher that suits your style and pace.  

Studying Classical Music

Many people are interested in studying classical music as it is regarded as one of the most brilliant genres of music. Its sound is also captivating and overall charming. 

The tips above would help you get started in learning classical music. However, you must take note that learning takes time and that there’s no perfect formula for learning something. Even professional musicians also make mistakes sometimes. Hence, it would be best to enjoy the process and love what you do instead.