It was all but inevitable that the two hottest shows of the 2004-05 TV season would face some kind of backlash during their respective second seasons.

After taking viewers down the mysterious hatch in the opening segment of the first episode, “Lost” took its sweet time unlocking its multitude of other mysteries, and fans continually berated the show for doing so before the season finale came along and left viewers with an embarrassing wealth of answers (and an equally large chest of new questions).

“Desperate Housewives,” on the other hand, got criticized for twisting viewers' arms too often, and the bloated cast and flurry of outrageous story arcs left many a wary viewer in their wake.

Perhaps the third season of each will appease the aforementioned concerns. But in DVD format – with no commercials and no waiting between episodes – the second seasons are as engrossing as the first. The griping may suggest otherwise, but the sophomore slump has been twice averted.

“Lost” contents: 24 episodes (five with commentary), plus unaired/extended flashback segments, deleted scenes, outtakes, behind-the-scenes feature, more.

“Housewives” contents: 24 episodes, favorite scenes, interviews, unaired storylines, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes features, more.

Grade: A