For the first! time! ever!, you are free to walk into your favorite video store and pick up individual DVD copies of the original Star Wars films. But wait, that's not the only first: Each of these two-disc sets contains both the enhanced as well as original cuts of the film, marking the first time the latter has been available in non-pirated DVD format of any kind.

So fans get what they want at least ... almost. Unfortunately, the original cuts are presented via a low-quality, non-anamorphic transfer that's almost unheard of for a major DVD release in 2006. Collectors might rejoice – Lucasfilm claims the new releases are available for a limited time only – but videophiles and audiophiles will scoff and keep waiting.

Extras: Besides two versions of each film, not much – a game demo, an Easter egg and cast/crew commentary on each.

Grade: B-