Papi Steak in South Beach is selling a steak for $1,000.

Wait, what?

The chichi “clubstaurant,” owned by David “Papi” Einhorn and hospitality guru David Grutman, says they can accommodate 10 orders of this excessive indulgence a night. What you get for your big money is more of an experience than a meal, which is why Papi Steak is ranked 12th best club/eatery for TikTokers in the United States. This is the kind of meal that ends up on all your socials.

Your 55-ounce, purebred, Australian-raised Japanese Wagyu is first presented tableside raw, a quick meet and greet between you and your dinner. The entire waitstaff enthusiastically marches it over with sparklers, noisemakers, flashing lights and hype music blaring (most likely something by Bad Bunny, who is a fan of this carnivore’s delight). The big boy comes in a glowing, temperature-controlled box that was reportedly inspired by kingpin Marsellus Wallace’s mysterious briefcase in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.”

White-gloved servers then brand the steak with great flourish, drama and shouting.

This is the definition of extra.

This Wagyu is grilled and is served with a few dipping sauces, including truffle butter, chimichurri, Béarnaise and a secret signature recipe that tastes a lot like spicy mayonnaise. One steak can feed about four people, so if everyone chips in you don’t have to max out your Amex (unless you get dessert).

If you still have money to burn, the off-menu Baked Alaska is here to prove that Miami is recession-proof. This flaming, fruit-tinged treat is drenched in super luxurious Louis XIII de Rémy Martin eau de vie (that’s high-end cognac, to you and me) and will set you back another grand. Yes. That’s $1K for some cake, plebes. The Baked Alaska also feeds about four people and comes with two shots of Louis XIII cognac in Baccarat glasses served on a copper tray.

“I want to provide an experience to our guests that’s loosely modeled off of European summertime nightlife,” says Einhorn of the in-house spectacles. “I love everything lavish, over-the-top and hedonistic. I want to see and bring more of this vibe into the U.S., so my job here is to curate the guest experience to the full extent.”

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