A note left behind Tuesday night along with a package that exploded at Northeastern University is being studied by authorities, the Boston Herald has learned.

Multiple reports state that note criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the relationship between academic institutions and Meta.

As the Herald reported Tuesday night, a package detonated inside a Northeastern University building, injuring one man and sending Boston Police and federal bomb squads sweeping through the campus.

Harvard and MIT, along with other Boston colleges, have advised students and staff to remain vigilant in wake of the NU explosion that is still under investigation.

The BPD bomb squad found a second suspicious package last night, which the squad “rendered safe,” cops said. No one was immediately arrested.

“The scene is secure and that the investigation is ongoing,” Boston Police Superintendent Felipe Colon told reporters at a press conference around 10:30 p.m. outside police headquarters just a few blocks away.

All the brass came out to the presser after the eerie reports of an explosion and the rush of emergency vehicles that invoked bad memories in a city that’s had its fair share of them.


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