It's appropriate that this all-girl Oregon group's bio describes them as “space aliens disguised as glitter-rockers who escaped the repression of their home planet Zygote, and were later cast as the house band for a production of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch.'” With songs about vampires, romance in space (“Satellite of Love,” not a Lou Reed cover) and down-and-out drag queens, you'll believe there's something a bit otherworldly about this foursome.

The Ovulators' self-titled debut opens with the energetic “Circled in Flames,” driven by glam guitar and laced with triple harmonies. Most people will think of the Donnas, but the Breeders, the Pixies and the late '70s N.Y.C. music scene are more apparent influences. The Kim Deal comparison is most obvious during the head-shaker “Troubadour from Another Time” and alterna-ballad “Release.”

“Vampire” enlists goth elements. And the most heartfelt tune is “Drag Queen,” about aging and lost fame.

Join the Ovulators' lightly unusual trip. You could probably use some more glitter showered on you.

Grade: A