Dear Zoe (Freestyle Digital Media) | In Select Theatres and on VOD November 4

Dear Zoe, is a new coming-of-age drama starring Sadie Sink that will be released in select theatres and on VOD November 4th. Dear Zoe follows Tess (Sink), her mother Elly (Jessica Capshaw), stepfather David (Justin Bartha), and little sister Emily (Vivien Lyra Blair) in the aftermath of the unimaginable loss of Tess’s other little sister, Zoe (Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz). Struggling with a sea of emotions, Tess embarks on a journey where she finds support from surprising sources: her biological father, Nick (Theo Rossi) a lovable slacker from the wrong side of the tracks, and the charming juvenile delinquent next door, Jimmy (Kweku Collins). Nick and Jimmy provide Tess the time and space she needs to breathe, to live life, to have new adventures, and ultimately to be in a better place to deal with the loss of little Zoe.