Dear readers — yes, once more it's time

For me to take a twirl with rhyme;

To wander through a filmic year

In hopes of bringing winter cheer.

(Note: this year things are slightly fraught —

I went on leave and missed a lot.

But it's tradition, so I'll try!

How did those months just fly on by?)

So let's look back, through hazy light

And see which films were shining bright.

For those who savor Tom Cruise running

Rest assured, he's still "Top Gun"-ing.

"Jurassic" beasts once more did roar

(You'd think they'd heard this tale before?)

"Black Adam" seemed a wee bit cursed

And "Doctor Strange" got Multiversed.

The "Crawdads" sang, the "Banshees" warred

"Fantastic Beasts" left me quite bored.

"The Northman" dwelt in vengeful blood

That "Scream" return? Well, 'twas a dud.

While "Elvis" swiveled, "Lightyear" flew

And "Minions" saw "The Rise of Gru."

A UFO got filmed in "Nope"

"The Fabelmans" has Oscar hope.

"Avatar"? It went aquatic

"Amsterdam"? Just too chaotic

"The Woman King" began her reign

And Brad Pitt rode a "Bullet Train."

"The Menu" served up pricey plonk

"Glass Onion" brought back Benoit Blanc

"She Said" found drama in the press

And "Mrs. Harris" bought a dress.

For films of cheer, let's chase the blues

With shell "Marcel" in his wee shoes.

And may we never take for granted

Adams' charm in "Disenchanted."

One film with happy afterglow?

That long-named one, with Michelle Yeoh!

In "Tár" Cate Blanchett made words sing

"Black Panther" let us mourn a king.

So as I wrap this long-tailed screed

(And yes, a Diet Coke I need),

Here's hoping that, in this year's trials

We all found films that brought us smiles.

Let's give the new year half a chance:

One reason: "Magic Mike's Last Dance."

And now I'll end my rhyming fun:

Happy New Year, everyone!

(Raising a glass to the great Roger Angell, who died in May at the age of 101, and whose yearly "Greetings, Friends" poems in The New Yorker inspired my annual foray into verse.)


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