Three Michigan State University students wounded in the Feb. 13 mass shooting on campus are progressing, but have long roads ahead in their recoveries, according to recent updates to their Go Fund Me pages.

Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez is taking short walks and beginning to eat more after being shot in her stomach area, according to her sister, who posted an update Sunday on her condition.

Nate Statly was in critical condition with a severe head injury as of Feb. 27. John Hao, who was paralyzed from the chest down following a bullet wound, was improving as of Feb. 23 but the "cost of his future is high."

The three MSU students are among five who were hospitalized at Sparrow Hospital with critical injuries after a gunman fired shots at Berkey Hall and the MSU union, killing three students and injuring them before taking his own life. MSU student Troy Forbush, the first to be discharged from the hospital, announced Feb. 23 on his Facebook page that he was injured in the attack. The last wounded student has not been identified.

Family and friends organized Go Fund Me pages for Huapilla-Perez, Statly and Hao to raise funds for their care that have collectively raised nearly $1.2 million.

Huapilla-Perez, a junior and hospitality business student, remains hospitalized and faces two additional surgeries, said her sister, Selena Huapilla-Perez, in an update on Guadalupe's GoFundMe page.

"Lupe's appetite is returning! With her wounds largely affecting her stomach area and colon, she experienced pain and anxiety when eating," the post says. "She is not only regaining her appetite but a confidence in eating. She is still not able to hold much but we see this as an improvement nonetheless."

Selena Huapilla-Perez also wrote that her sister, a student in the university's College Assistance Migrant Program, is continuing to improve in both physical and occupational therapy.

"She is challenging herself to take more walks and go longer distances. She's gone from walks in her room to walks in the hallway of our floor. She is also finding comfort in doing her own hair care routine, Face Timing nieces and nephews back in Florida, and playing with the therapy dogs that come by and visit," the post states.

Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez is a junior majoring in hospitality at Michigan State University, according to her sister.

Huapilla-Perez, who is from South Florida, experiences a lot of pain when her wounds are cleaned three times a week, the post says.

"And every time she says 'No puedo, ya no puedo. Me duele mucho.' which translates to 'I can't, I can't anymore. It hurts too much.' These are words that pain us for many reasons but one being — we have never heard these words from her before," the post says. "Lupe is the type of person who says 'I can do this' to any challenge she sets her eyes on. We feel the pain of her words so deeply. Every day we are hopeful, always hopeful, that her and the other victims recovery will be one of great strength."

The GoFundMe page has raised more than $478,000 for the student who has no health insurance. The money is helping the family, who are farm workers, with travel expenses to and from Florida as well as with expenses while in Michigan and for her sister's immediate and long term recovery, according to previous posts.

"We can anticipate down the line her wounds (be it physical, mental, emotional) could bring an array of issues we need to be prepared for," the post says. "The integrity of our family is very important to us. We have not yet closed this page because we are still figuring out what our course of action will be without putting any one family member to bear the weight of it all."

"Since we cannot yet close this page, we ask that if you still want to give please give to the families of the other students or the Spartan Strong foundation," the post says. "We recognize this is a hard time to give, it is a tough financial year for many of us, and we want you all to know that this sacrifice of giving is not overlooked."

Nate Statly, an MSU junior, remains in critical condition and was still in intensive care as of last Monday, wrote one of his two older brothers, Josh Statly.

"We are still uncertain of his prognosis, as is common with severe head trauma," wrote Josh Statly. "He's fighting daily battles, but he's been strong through it all."

The family of Statly, whose page so far has raised $300, 018, said it has been uplifted by the care of the hospital medical staff, kind messages and MSU's assistance.

"Over the years, we've used the expression 'thoughts and prayers' many times. Being on the receiving end of it now, we now understand how meaningful those words and actions actually are," Josh Statly wrote. "Please continue to hold him in your thoughts and prayers. We feel them, and it means the world to us."

Hao, a 20-year-old student from China whose spinal cord was severed with a bullet, has a "long path ahead," wrote Argent Qian, Hao's roommate and organizer of his Go Fund Me page.

"John's condition is improving and he was recently moved from critical condition to serious, but stable condition," wrote Qian. "As every day passes, his future needs are becoming more clear. The cost of John's future will be high."

Hao and his family face another challenge besides his injuries, Quian wrote. He will have to stay in the U.S. because of his injuries and he will need housing to accommodate his injuries, rehabilitation, around-the-clock care and transportation.

"John has decided to continue his studies at Michigan State, and is committed to a future career in sports management," Quian wrote. "His dream is to work in soccer and basketball."

Donors were thanked for contributing to Hao's care on his page, which so far has raised $420,266.

"Again, we thank Michigan State University and the donors to this GoFundMe campaign to help John on his challenging road ahead," wrote Quian. "John is strong, and motivated to continue to improve, and with help from the Michigan State community, he will have the resources he needs to do so."

Two students remain hospitalized at Lansing's Sparrow Hospital, though it was unclear which ones. As of Monday morning, one is listed in critical condition and one is stable. Three students have been discharged since the attack.


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