The Paramour Sessions is an extremely mature rock 'n' roll disc, by far the strongest Papa Roach release yet. Each song is catchy yet driven, melodic yet edgy.   Actually, the weakest part of the album is the intro to the first track, “…To Be Loved,” which patters an almost annoying rap chant.

Roach can be forgiven however, since the rest of the disc is gold. “Roses on My Grave,” the album's closer, is an epic emotional masterpiece. “My Heart is a Fist” is another emotional one, crying out with its chorus, “My heart is a first drenched in blood – My soul will fight again.”

The most potent rocker is “No More Secrets.” But “I Devise My Own Demise,” “Time is Running Out,” “Crash,” and “Alive” are all pumped with hard rock delirium.

Jacoby Shaddix' vocals vacillate between clean and rough; his top-notch vocal skills add to the catchy hooks provided by the tight musicianship of the band. I haven't heard a release as solid as The Paramour Sessions since Bruce Dickinson's Tyranny of Soul s or Soil's Re.De.Fine.

Grade: A