Running an institution, such as a college or university, while being an entrepreneur can be challenging. Your top priority is ensuring the school runs smoothly and students have a worthwhile stay. Giving your students a memorable student life is key to keeping enrollment and retention rates high. 

Things that attract students are almost the same as those that keep your retention rate high. If you determine what these factors are, it'll earn you credibility, leading to more students applying and, ultimately, staying at your school. As a result, the tips below will help you increase student enrollment and retention.

Increasing Student Enrollment And Retention Rates In Your School  

Increasing student enrollment and retention rates requires you as an administrator to do many things, as discussed below.

To Increase Enrollment Rates

To welcome more students to your school, you must do include the following:

1. Broadcast Your School

Like every other business, running institutions like schools is also a business. So, you must market your school through social media and other broadcast platforms like radio and television to increase enrollment rates. Although this may mean you'll spend heavily, it'll be worth every penny you spend on it.

It'll also help to have an attractive and well-designed website for your school. It will be very helpful in promoting your school, whether it's a boarding school or a day school. More importantly, creating a campus map for your school separately or within the website will familiarize potential students and their parents with your school.

It's a convenient way to allow interested students to have a virtual walk-through and peek at student life on your campus.

2. Show Proof Of Academic Excellence

You cannot remove academic excellence from the equation if you want to increase enrollment in your school. The academic excellence of your students is better proven through their references. Still, more is needed to take this to social media. Moreover, you must convince potential students that your school can give them a quality education ahead of the competition.

For instance, if you've produced several graduates who are now employed by reputable companies or have excelled in their expertise, you can use this to prove your school's academic excellence. It will give prospects an idea that they, too, can achieve their dreams as your school prepares them for the future.

3. Organizing Inter-School Quizzes And Competitions

You can spearhead inter-school quizzes and competitions within your communities. If possible, you can pull other schools outside your neighborhood, which will be surplus to promoting your school within and outside your environment. It might not appeal to other schools what you're achieving, but their students will get to know your school.  

Also, this is an additional weapon you can use to convince other students about the academic excellence of your school if students from your school come first in the quizzes and competitions.  

4. Offer Scholarship Grants

Many students look for scholarships because they cannot afford tuition fees themselves. You can give them hope through scholarship offers, which will help attract more applicants to your school. Aside from attracting more students, it will improve your reputation as an educational institution that responds to the needs of deserving but underprivileged individuals.

To Boost Retention Rates

Now that you have onboarded students, you must give them a reason to stay. You must:

1. Create A Welcoming Campus Environment  

A welcoming campus environment creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students. The way lecturers and staff communicate, the facilities available, and the school's overall culture are important factors that contribute to a welcoming campus environment. When a lecturer approaches harshly, it'll intimidate the students, and they may drop out of your school.

2. Reward The Best Students

Some schools reward the best students in each department with a cash reward, free housing, or any other form of recognition for deserving students. These schools know the importance of retention and will try to keep students using this approach. It will create a competitive atmosphere among the students and upgrade their overall performance and the school's standard of education.  

3. Engaging Students In Extracurricular Activities  

Most schools nowadays incorporate extracurricular activities such as theater, sports, community service, and other extracurricular activities. While some students already have activities that catch their mojo, others can develop an interest in something new. These activities play essential roles in students' decisions to continue their education at the school since they can find fulfillment in such things. 

4. Organize Student Mentorship Program  

Student mentorship program opens many opportunities for students to get help and advice from their seniors and the school staff. It may sound impossible, but it is when you establish a proper framework. Students will benefit from candid advice from mentors about their academic progress and career development. Also, the relationship that develops with this program can help students build a strong support network that lasts years after graduation.


Student enrollment and retention rates are two things that look similar but are different in meaning. However, these two have a common goal: to win students' trust and retain them until they finish their education. The tips above can help you effectively manage student enrollment, including offering scholarship grants to deserving students. You can also ensure high rates by creating a healthy study environment and allowing them to participate in extracurricular activities.