Slow Motion Reign are the latest protégés of System of a Down leader Serj Tankian and they are off to a great start with their first single (and video) “Isn't it Time (Rats).” Ironically, the song is about trying to get ahead in the rat race – something the band apparently has a good leg up on.

Singer Narek Pogosyan takes control of the song with a big sweeping flourish of vocals and delicate but up-front piano playing. Guitar use is tasteful throughout too, waxing ethereal on “Embryonic” and lurking in the spacey rhythm of “Life Simulator.”

Don't expect any heaviness here because of the association with Serj; this is smooth, well thought-out stuff and as a matter of fact these guys are clearly taking their shot for a piece of the market dominated by Coldplay. If you'd like a little extra stimulation for your next 45-minute daydream, this is your ticket.

Grade: B+