Watching your favorite Australian Football League (AFL) team play is an exciting experience. And with a seat you prefer, you can elevate your overall experience since you can sit in a comfortable spot that offers you a good view and where you'll enjoy the game's atmosphere the most. That can be possible if you're strategic with bookings and timing.  

This article lists some tips and tricks to help you score your desired seats if you're planning to watch an AFL game: 

Book Tickets Early 

Since the best seats are usually in demand, they're likely to get sold early, so grabbing your AFL tickets as soon as they're released and up for sale is recommended. The good thing is you can stay updated with game schedules and ticket sales easily thanks to the internet. 

For instance, there are websites and online platforms you can browse, making AFL tickets easily accessible. They manage ticket rendering and seat booking for every AFL stadium, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Accor, and other football stadiums. Such platforms also offer a secure booking system and a money-back guarantee if the event gets canceled. 

You can also check your game's schedule for change updates on social media, allowing you to secure an early ticket should announcements be made. Whether looking for AFL MCG tickets or an Accor stadium ticket, you can be sure that these platforms will inform you about possible changes early.   

Join A Club 

It also helps to join a club if you're an ardent AFL fan, especially since some football clubs offer membership perks that could allow you to get access to your preferred seat. Generally, these memberships come in various levels, including the standard and premium season types. So, if your membership offers the latter, you can get priority tickets that increase your chance of getting the seats you prefer or seating spots with better views and angles. 

Club membership can also come with other perks to make your game viewing and overall experience more enjoyable. For instance, you can get complimentary meals or snacks if you subscribe to a club membership.  

Check The Layout And Seating Plan 

Before buying a ticket, it's best to check the stadium's layout and seating plan to know which seat can give you the best view and maximize your football experience. This way, you can check its location, elevation, and proximity to the playing grounds and determine if it suits your preference. On the other hand, you can also look for the venue's amenities. For instance, if you want convenience and prefer having a seat close to the restroom or stairs, identifying the amenity's location is a good starting point when choosing your seat. 

You can get information about the seating plans and layout on stadium websites where the games are held. Most ticket companies and platforms can also provide enough seat information to help you decide which seat to get. 

Consider Package Deals 

Some AFL-associated companies are offering package deals. These deals generally bundle various perks, including transportation, accommodation, and tickets. You can consider such packages to get priority access to AFL tickets and get your desired seats. Moreover, booking can be more convenient, facilitated, and cost-saving.  

Although you may have to pay marginally more than regular tickets, they can be worth it, considering the perks you can get. Plus, the level of enjoyment of being guaranteed a good spot at any AFL stadium at any time can be convenient. 

Be Flexible With Your Seating Preferences 

As much as you may have a desired seat, keeping your options open and being flexible to other seats is recommended. A seat that you prefer less can turn out to be great if you're open to experimenting. So, consider having a backup plan, so you can quickly reserve them should your preferred seat get sold out or become unavailable. 

Wrapping Up 

An ideal seat can enhance your comfort and enjoyment when watching an AFL game. With a good spot, you can have a better view of the game and your favorite players. So, to score the best seat in the house, secure your ticket early by knowing the game and ticket sale schedule. It's also best to check the venue's layout and seating plan so you can choose accordingly. 

However, due to the high demand for tickets, there may be cases wherein you may not get the seat you desire. If that's the case, you can still have fun in the company of your friends as you cheer on your favorite teams by being flexible with your seating preferences.