Freaks beware: The government has stumbled upon a one-shot cure that instantly can transform even the most powerful mutant into a normal human being. And while the “cure” is voluntary, that hasn't stopped the powers that be from weaponizing it just in case.

Think Magneto's (Ian McKellen) happy about this? Not quite. And he's tapping into a surprising source of power in order to bring this project to its knees.

Lest the title fool you, X-Men: The Last Stand isn't the final X-Men film: McKellen's slated to star in Magneto next year, and there are bound to be more side stories popping up in the years ahead. Rather, Stand is this franchise's version of Return of the Jedi – a satisfying climax to a trilogy of films whose storytelling has transcended, but never abandoned its comic book beginnings.

A little more time would've been appreciated, and some of the emotional scenes come off as trite and silly. But Stand still hits far more than it misses. And the final scene, given everything else we know, is just brilliant.

Extras: Two crew commentary tracks, deleted scenes (with commentary), three alternate endings (with commentary).

Grade: B+

—Billy O'Keefe, MCT