'Never Have I Ever'

Most teen comedies are squarely in the misfit's corner. Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) was always a little hard to root for. She majored in lying, cheating, betrayal and self-pity. Her shortcomings are still on display in the fourth and final season of this sitcom that challenged the norms in more ways than one. That's part of what made it special. Devi may be far from perfect ("She makes the Hulk look like Kermit," quips one friend when talking about her anger issues) but she's a real kid, flaws and all. These final episodes on her senior year are full of the misadventures and mistakes we've come to expect — and adore. Netflix

'The Crowded Room'

Tom Holland, best known for playing Spider-Man, has more issues in this psychological drama than dealing with a radioactive bite. He plays a crime suspect with secrets that his interrogator (Amanda Seyfried) is eager to unravel. The 10-part series moves at a snail's pace but fans of brainteasers like "Fight Club" and "The Sixth Sense" are encouraged to stick with it. Apple TV+

'Human Resources'

The characters in this animated series are just as filthy as the kids in "Big Mouth," which takes place in the same universe. But these Hormone Monsters, Lovebugs and Shame Wizards genuinely care about the humans they mentor. The best parts of this second and final season come when the "coaches" set aside their differences to guide an estranged daughter and dad mourning the loss of a loved one. It's a sweet tale, but with lots of vomiting and kinky sex. Netflix

'Based on a True Story'

Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina play an exasperated couple who try to revive romantic sparks — and fatten their bank account — by befriending a serial killer (Tom Bateman) who might have attended charm school with the stalker from "You." The story, co-conceived by Jason Bateman, goes completely off the rails, but few actors react better to chaos than Cuoco. Peacock

'Temptation Island'

The reality series returns with a fresh crop of hotties trying to ruin love lives in Hawaii. Mark L. Walberg returns as the host who pretends to be a concerned counselor while doing everything in his power to encourage cheating. The first episode is followed by the series premiere of "The Big D," in which exes get a second chance at love. 9 p.m. ET Wednesday, USA

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