The latest film from Wes Anderson tops DVD releases for the week of Aug. 15. 

In "Asteroid City," Anderson is shooting for the heavens as he takes his all-star cast to a tiny desert town. But Los Angeles Times critic Justin Chang says this film doesn't hit the highest highs. He called it "half-irritating, half-intoxicating."

However, Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh was along for the ride. She wrote: "The funny and profound 'Asteroid City' feels like the movie of the summer, eerily tapping into the current news about UFOs, while synthesizing the retro pop styling of 'Barbie' with the atomic age anxiety of 'Oppenheimer.' It all leads back to deeply existential queries and conversations. Questioning, curiosity and yearning for something more are all deeply humane and timeless pursuits, driven by love or a desire for it."


"The Machine": Shirtless comic Bert Kreischer plays a version of himself in this movie that draws on his stand-up. 

"BlackBerry": The rise and fall of the once-popular, thumb-destroying device.

"Black Lotus": An ex-special forces operative has to come out of retirement and use his particular set of skills to rescue his friend's kidnapped daughter. 

"Hotel Transylvania: Transformania": Spooky fun in the fourth installment of the animated series.

"Robots": Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall vs. robot doubles of themselves. 

"Lincoln Lawyer: Season 1": TV legal drama based on the Michael Connelly novels.

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