Pureology is back this holiday season with their new holiday hair care kits. The professional color care brand is releasing their newest iteration for 2023, designed in partnership with San Francisco-based illustrator Nadzeya Makeyeva. The whimsical boxes with celestial designs feature enchanted animals that reflect each products’ formulation. These much-anticipated kits are a sell-through every year, delivered in gift-able boxes that contain their much-loved, 100% vegan, concentrated formulas that have professional stylists and consumers completely enchanted. They also have mini sets as well as ornaments filled with mini sizes of their best-sellers. Sets are available at, and Full size sets will retail for $30.00-$72.00 and ornaments will retail for $18.00.     

Thrive Causemetics also just released their Holiday Bundles (more than 30 available this year!), many of which include this starry-print, limited-edition packaging of their best selling Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. My favorite set is the Starry Night Glam Color Set because it includes many of the new 2023 launches including the Dream Chaser Blush, Impact-FULL Smoothing Lipstick, and Infinity Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen. All holiday bundles are discounted and range from $39-$240. Best of all, they are truly the gift that gives back, for every product purchased Thrive donates to help communities thrive. Available at, (On Skimlinks). Pricing: $22.00-$240.00.

Shiseido has a variety of sets and bundles available at Sephora, Macy’s and with combinations of their best sellers. The Radiance & Hydration Set: Get healthy-looking, vibrant skin for the holidays with this gift set, featuring Japanese Beauty skincare essentials. Cleanse and prep skin with Deep Cleansing Foam and Treatment Softener. Strengthen with iconic Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and deeply hydrate with Essential Energy Day Cream SPF 20. Finish with Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate to visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles and boost radiance around the eyes. They also have some beautiful luxury stocking stuffers for your loved ones. Available at Price: $140.00 ($203.00 value).


Shiseido Skincare Q4 2023 Launches" Future Solution LX - Legendary Enmei Ultimate Brilliance Eye Cream

We couldn't wait to spill the beans on Shiseido's latest beauty masterpiece - the Future Solution LX - Legendary Enmei Ultimate Brilliance Eye Cream ($330). If you're on the lookout for a game-changer in skincare, this is it!

This Shiseido skincare product is a highly effective and luxurious anti-aging eye cream to target dullness, dark circles, sagging, wrinkles and muscle tension. Smooth as fine silk, this luxuriously-textured cream improves the eye area skin’s regeneration power. Enriched with Legendary Enmei herb, picked on tenshanichi, the most auspicious days of the Japanese calendar, precious Green Treasured Silk, and the Japanese Akoya pearl shell extract, it resolves the five eye area concerns and replenishes moisture, to create Quintuple Brilliance. The accompanying Magatama eye massager tool, made out of high grade porcelain, further relieves muscle tension around the eyes. 

Four reasons why you'll love Shiseido's new eye cream: 

(1) Radiance Revolution: Packed with the goodness of Enmei herb extract and cutting-edge skincare tech, this eye cream brings a whole new meaning to the term "eye-catching." It seriously tackles fine lines, wrinkles, and those pesky dark circles, giving you brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.

(2) Ageless Elegance: Inspired by the Enmei herb, which can stand the test of time, this cream boosts your skin's resilience, keeping those telltale signs of aging at bay. Say hello to a more youthful glow!

(3) Sensory Delight: Applying this cream is like a spa day for your eyes. It's super velvety and feels amazing on your skin. Plus, the packaging is as luxe as it gets - you'll feel like royalty every time you use it!

(4) Cutting-Edge Science: Shiseido has poured their heart and soul into the research behind this cream. It's like skincare meets high-tech magic, tailor-made for the delicate eye area.

The 8 key ingredients in this new eye cream.

(1) Legendary Enmei Complex: Comprised of exclusively cultivated Legendary Enmei Herb and Green Treasured Silk to protect the skin from damage for beautiful, vital skin.

(2) SublimActive: Comprised of Camellia Seed Extract, helps to support the natural cycle of cellular turnover. • Akoya Pearl Shell Extract: An antioxidant to reduce skin dullness and inflammation.

(3) Iris Root Extract: Visibly improves sagging.

(4) Shikwasa Extract: Improves declined skin barrier function. 

(5) Algerex: Promotes collagen production. 

(6) Cinnamon Extract: Improves micro-circulation to visibly reduce dark circles. 

(7) 4MSK: Prevents and improves the look of dark spots. 

(8) Cattail Extracts: Known to have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. 

How to use this product -  Use the narrow end of the tool to scoop eye cream and place on fingertip. Dab on the five areas around each eye (inner corners, under eyes, outer corners, eyelids, and between the eyebrows) and smooth it with your fingers. 

How to use the massage tool - Massage the area between the eyebrows using circular motions. Guide the tool from under the eyebrows upwards towards the hairline. Repeat 2-3 times. Glide the tool from the upper eyelids to the temples and from the lower eyelids to the temples. Repeat on each side  1-2 times. Glide gently and smoothly, without force. Press the 5 accupressure points. Price $330.00 for 15mL eye cream.

Joico Haircare Launches Inner Joi Collection and KBOND20 power masque

Inner Joi Collection - Joico is a global hair brand who is dedicated to the “Joi of Healthy Hair.” They are an incredibly results-oriented brand, and it has taken them YEARS to perfect their newest launch, Inner Joi. The new Inner Joi collection features 100% vegan, naturally-derived** formulas that deliver the transformative results and professional performance you love, all bottled in a sustainable package that gives back to communities in need. All Inner Joi retail- and liter-size shampoos and conditioners*** are bottled in 95% recovered & recycled Social Plastic® to support communities in need and help fight ocean plastic. In addition all inner Joi products are made without Silicones, Parabens, Gluten, SLS/SLES Sulfates†, Phthalates, and Mineral Oil. These products are PETA APPROVED and there is no animal testing, so they are truly cruelty free. Joico does an incredible jo of explaining everything about being “Naturally derived,” “clean” and “sustainable” on their website, so I urge you to visit and learn more if you have specific questions. 

This is their biggest launch of the year, and there are actually 3 different lines in the collection: Hydrate, Strengthen, and Preserve. There are also several styling products. Joico Inner Joi Collection is available at Amazon (Pricing: $29-$51).  

Joico Defies Damage with KBOND20 Power Masque ($39.00): What do you get when you combine a legacy of hair repair and the power of damage control in a single, extraordinary product? Meet KBOND20, the super-charged masque from Defy Damage... Joico’s brand-new, bond-building treatment that doubles down on technology for 5x stronger* hair in just one use.