After a busy holiday season, planning an escape to any place other than home is on many people’s to-do lists. According to travel experts and bloggers, January is a great time to travel since it’s considered a “dead zone” for airline sales.

“There are many reasons for this, including the fact that it is cold in many parts of the world, that the holiday season is over, and that people are going back to work and school after the break,” noted Travel Tank.

Traveling at the beginning of the year offers other benefits: Airports and airlines are less busy, hotels tend to lower their prices and there’s less crowding at hot-spot destinations. If you want to create a memorable start to the new year, here are the top three travel destinations for 2024, according to experts.

Menorca, Spain

If the holiday season was full of family, non-stop get-togethers, or endless hours of working, opting for a vacation to a quiet, laid-back destination might pique your interest. Menorca, Spain, is known as the “most laid-back and tranquil” of the Balearic Islands as it’s less chaotic and “clubby” than Ibiza and Mallorca.

“This Balearic Island is known for its beaches, USECO-listed biosphere reserve, and Bronze Age structures. Menorca has a peaceful and relaxed island vibe, and it is undoubtedly quieter than some of the nearby islands,” said travel blogger Rocky Trifari.

Tromsø, Norway

If you’re into solar eclipses and breathtaking views and you’re up for an adventure, then Tromsø, Norway, might be the perfect vacation destination. According to Madison Pietrowski, director of Brand U.S. at GetYourGuide, Tromsø is in “the top 10 for 2024.”

“Next year is shaping up to be one of the best for astronomical events, from a solar eclipse to multiple meteor showers, so I think many travelers hope to add this magical light show to a year full of stargazing,” Pietrowski explained. “But Trosmø has even more to offer, from dog sledding to whale watching, making it the perfect place for an Arctic adventure.”

Outaouais, Quebec

If wanting to be one with nature, see wild animals and possibly wake up to a wolf pack outside your window like travel expert and author La Carmina, then you should visit Outaouais, Quebec. It’s just an hour away from Ottawa and has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities that’s perfect for a group vacay or a solo adventure.

“It’s home to one-of-a-kind nature experiences like Parc Omega, a wildlife park with self-driving adventures that let you get close to (and feed!) Canadian bison and deer,” she said.

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