The cycle of songs on You Rot Me has drug use and the consequences of such as its main topic. Maybe not a concept album, but the sequencing of songs also duplicates the rollercoaster ride of getting high, starting off with the defiant “Mad Society” where singer Duane Peters sings of the futility of a war on drugs, whether national or personal.

“Jorge” is an upbeat, almost joyful sideways-glance at the life of a junkie/drug dealer but by the third song, “You Rot Me,” the evils of substance abuse are doing a tap dance on the fun. The middle of the album wallows in paranoia and hopelessness, climaxing with Peters growling out a real shocker on “47th St.;” “I'm coming to kill you on the eve of Christmas…” It is, of course, the drugs talking.

These guys (and gal Corey Parks) have been there, done that and learned how to incorporate the experience into some damn fine rock 'n' roll. Influenced by X, the Pretenders and a zillion lowlifes, You Rot Me is co-produced by the infamous Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks) who is also a band member.

Grade: A