Takers and Leavers is a six-song EP that offers just a taste of what's to come from this Philly fivesome when they drop a new full-length early next year. And as an appetizer plate, this one will get gobbled up.

The band favors subtlety over bombast, something that can get very tricky when you are heavily influenced by British glam-rock. But Dr. Dog uses its instruments wisely, and with four members singing, the voices here are the stars while the layered melodies are groovy gravy.

“I've Just Got to Tell You” sounds like one of John Lennon's happy-times bounces but with Marc Bolan and Leo Sayer harmonizing the lead vocal while “Goner” is super-glam era Bowie. “Die, Die, Die” hits a spiritualized-like note while “California” is all acoustic guitar and harmony vocal that channels Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Expect curve balls from these guys, but expect them all to be over the plate.

Grade: B