Critics weren't terribly kind to The Break-up when it hit theaters, and it's understandable why. As your typical outrageous Vince Vaughn broad comedy, this is a misfire. And as your standard Jennifer Aniston-friendly chick flick, it fares no better.

What most critics failed to mention, though, was that The Break-up had no designs to be either of these things. It borrows some water from both wells, but it chooses mostly to shoot straight – sometimes with hilariously searing results, other times simply searing. Like a real break-up, it isn't always pretty.

As such, it's not necessarily ideal for mass consumption. Fortunately, there are thousands of movies that are. Many of them are sitting in bargain bins at a video store near you. For those who remain, this one's worth a look.

Extras: Vaughn/Aniston commentary, director commentary, alternate ending, deleted/extended scenes, outtakes, Vaughn/Jon Favreau improv, interactive Chicago tour.

Grade: B+