A little after 11 a.m., a group of about 15 protesters moved from the University of Georgia’s chapel to the Old College lawn, the scene of Monday’s protests and arrests.

Jan Davis Barham, associate dean of students, approached the group and said they needed to fill out a form if they wanted to stay.

“Happy to work with you in compliance with our policy. I’m going to ask you to complete a form so that you will be in compliance with our policy,” she told the group. “You’re welcome to be here engaging in your First Amendment right. We’re here to facilitate that. But this is an expressive activity.”

In a statement Monday, UGA said it remains “firmly committed” to freedom of speech and expression but that it also has the right “to regulate the time, place and manner” of protests.

A woman speaking for the demonstrators pushed back against Barham, stating she didn’t understand the difference between sitting at the Old College lawn and where they moved from, near the campus chapel.

Barnham said if they don’t fill out the form, they must relocate to Tate Plaza, a designated area for expressive activity, or leave campus.

The group carried signs with the words “No more genocide,” “Free Palestine,” “Divest Now,” and “Free the people, stop the killing.”

They also brought musical instruments, including acoustic guitars and tambourines.

“We are neutral. We want to facilitate your activity within the guidelines,” Barham said.

”If we break the policy, are you going to send three cops after us and pull us down when we scream,” a woman from the group said.

”We’re going to do what we do and ask you multiple times to comply, which is what happened (Monday morning),” Barham responded. “The individuals chose to not be in compliance.”

Around 11:45 a.m. the group began packing up and leaving the Old College lawn.

“Later Jan. (Expletive) you,” a woman said.

The group hasn’t decided what their move is. “We’re figuring it out right now,” a woman said

The group started a chant as they left, but Barham stopped them and said exams were taking place at the law school and that chants would be considered a disruption.

Around 11:50 a.m., the group headed toward Tate Plaza, a main hub on the campus.


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