The numbers are in. I had new measurements taken on Friday and the results were impressive. I've lost seven pounds, my waist size has dropped four inches and I've dropped 2 percent of my body fat.  

For those of who are seeing this column for the first time, I started off my Bootcamp program at 203 pounds with a 43-inch waist and 28 percent body fat. Here are some of my observations over the past two weeks.

Diet – I've been eating a lot better since I've started Bootcamp, but I need to have a structured program. When I work out strictly with weights, I'm starving afterwards. I'm finding that my metabolism is speeding up and I'm burning more calories. My body is starting to work more efficiently, however, I still have food relapses.  

A typical day of eating for me consists of the apple in the morning, followed by chicken, rice and a vegetable for lunch and then I get a little crazy in the evening. I'll eat a sensible dinner, but then I'll start snacking. This is my downfall. I'm going to have to be as disciplined with my diet as I have been with my training.

The Wrath of Barry – The bottom line with Bootcamp is Barry Jay is there to get you into shape. The man is a master motivator and can inspire his students to incredible goals. I've met many of his students who have lost a lot of weight and look amazing. In order to do this, you are going to have to sacrifice.

Jay's treadmill routines are brutal and if you don't follow his instructions, you will feel his wrath. Penalties for getting caught not having the proper incline on the treadmill or talking to the person next to you will earn students a run up La Cienega to Sunset Boulevard, a vertical climb that can give even the best of manual stick drivers a problem.

Showing up late for class results in stair running outside of the gym. The worst penalty one can get for not following instructions is Jay's punishment of the person next to you or the entire group during the running session.

Camaraderie – Bootcamp is not a team sport but camaraderie does develop between the students. On select days, bootcampers partner up with each other during weight training and ab sessions.

Ultimately, it's the difficulty of the class that brings bootcampers together to encourage each other. A loud clap and cheer will end a class and as bootcampers leave the gym drenched in sweat, an unspoken sense of accomplishment can be felt by all. —Sean Bello

Sean's goal is to lose 25 pounds by Dec. 1. For every pound Sean loses, Campus Circle will contribute $100 to the L.A. Mission.

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