For more than a year before its first album was released in the U.S. the Strokes were a phenomenon in the U.K., so it's understandable that you'd hear a Strokes influence in many bands coming out of England today, like the Kooks. “Sofa Song” and “Eddie's Gun” in particular both tap into the radio-friendly, sprightly bounce that sold tons of records for the New York hipsters.

But with very heavy accents and lots of common ground with oldie hit-makers the Kinks, these guys are distinctly British and that makes the words they wrap around their catchy melodies lots of fun to listen to. Or sing along – if you want to practice your fake British accent, open up the lyric sheet and have at it.

These songs are about love and lost love so you can also practice your break-up attitude while you strum along on air guitar. If you like the way the Coral rock out, you will absolutely love the Kooks.

Grade: A