This quartet is from Orange County but you'd never know it by listening to “Pretty Pictures,” the opening cut on Fully Automatic . Of course an O.C. base doesn't mean the band has to play ska-pop, but “Pretty Pictures” is straight outta New York City, rocking the streets like the late, great D Generation. Next is a Motley Crue-like anthem called “Getting You Off,” and after Handsome Devil has proven they can kick ass like both coasts they're free to explore their own sound on the rest of the album.

He has a very tight back-up band but the hero here is singer Danny Walker who also writes all the words and music. Walker has a kit bag overflowing with hooks whether he's singing about an excessive lifestyle (“Slow Down”) or pleading with a lover (“Stay”). In fact most of Walker's stuff utilizes two hooks, one vocal and one from pushy guitars. It's surprisingly solid all the way through.

Grade: A