Beltran has gained notoriety in the past for his work in the electronica field and while Human Engine does utilize synthesizers, it does so more tactfully than the electronica tag would imply.

“Brilliant Flood” is ambient music at its best: a soothing lullaby with enough oriental flavoring to draw comparison to Kitaro. “A Mind Blows Everyday” is one of the few songs here that approaches the upbeat; still it's very laid back and jazzy with vocals (more like cooing) from Valida. The few cuts here that have vocals are similarly subtle; this is chill-out music and the singing is meant to blend in, not to stick out.

Milan is a label that issues a lot of soundtracks so it is no surprise that Human Engine is very cinematic but Beltran includes a few songs that hint at his dance mix prowess, the gurgling “Sweet Soul” and the Human League-like “Here and Now” among them.

Grade: B