It never ceases to amaze, how a child can spend hours on end playing with a simple cardboard box. The material surrounds us everywhere, every day. Yet, how many of us would actually consider taking an empty UPS box and making a piece of fine art with it?

Currently on display at the Bobbie Greenfield Gallery are three bodies of work from the early 1970s that successfully transform pieces of cardboard from common material to high art.

A collaboration between Frank Gehry, Jack Brogan and Robert Irwin results in The Easy Edges Furniture collection. Each of the pieces, from a table and chair to bar stool, are bold, well designed and, at first glance, seem sturdy enough to sit on.

Robert Rauschenberg's whimsical Cardbird print collages are constructed from various elements and utilize several techniques. The Last Supper Series from Gary Dill offers several sculptures that appeal to the eye and strike a chord with the 4-year-old in all of us that longs to spend an afternoon playing in a cardboard box.


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