If you saw commercials for Slither , you might be led to believe it's some tongue-in-cheek horror B-film that's as hilariously wry as it is gory. The critical worship that soon followed seemed to hammer home that notion.

Alas, it's not quite the case: Slither emits a laugh or two and delivers a pretty entertaining lead in Grant (Michael Rooker), but it's otherwise about as color-by-numbers as horror gets. That said, anyone who freaks out at the sight of an inchworm crawling across their kitchen counter will go positively white after getting a load of the creepy crawlies that take up residence in Slither , which isn't afraid to play just about every guts card it's dealt.

For that reason this being a horror movie and all the inability to live up to the hype is largely forgiven. Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Fillion also star.

Extras: Director/Fillion commentary, deleted/extended scenes, gag reel and three behind-the-scenes features.

Grade: B-