Hard rock with a taste of electronica, Six will appeal to those who dig the Union Underground and Rob Zombie. A dark eeriness glazes over the raunchiness – exemplified by "Something’s Gotta Give" and "Stranger Killer King" – the most potent offerings available on the disc, with "Lay Back" a close runner-up.

Vocalist Lauren’s lyrics and melodies suffer a bit of repetition syndrome, yet sometimes provide for that catchy, stuck-in-your-head chanting.

The guitars on Faith are hard-edged and somber, with the percussion being hypnotic and aggressive.

Six’s intense grooves will have angry youngsters cussing out their parents and picking fights with school bullies like good rock ’n’ roll is meant to do. The disc also has listeners visualizing the band putting on a fun live show, one that appeals to headbangers and alternative rock crowds alike.

If you like it a little bit evil, check out The Price of Faith. Hell, maybe you can even provide the other two sixes.

Grade: B-