Is anybody else tired of rappers fellating themselves on record? I sure as hell am, and the latest by the Game has pushed me over the edge. It's official – I'm giving up on rap.

Maybe I won't be that drastic, but I expected more from Game's sophomore effort and follow-up to the multi-platinum smash The Documentary.

The Doctor's Advocate starts up where the previous record left off and it's definitely a bad thing. Maybe I'm being overly harsh because I'm so disappointed.

I was a fan of the rhymesmith's first which flawlessly paid homage to rap greats while putting Compton back on the map as a rap hotspot. Problem is, Game's gotten weak and he's simply following a formula.

So, I've come up with one of my own that sums up this release: Tireless namedropping + incessant (and completely unnecessary) use of “Motherfucker,” “Bitch” and the n-word – Dr. Dre (to add some clout to the project) = The Doctor's Advocate.

To make it worse, Game seems torn between trying to prove himself as a capable solo man and an on-the-knees apology to Dr. Dre for the dynamic duo's split. It's pathetic. The disc's one saving grace is a cameo by Kanye West on “Wouldn't Get Far.”

It looks like the Doc got out just in time because this Game is definitely over.

Grade: C