Communiqué is a five-piece from the Bay Area and although they've had releases in the past, this six-song EP is meant to be an introduction to a wider audience. Their sound is based on two factors: the keyboard work of Steve Loewinsohn and Rory Henderson's singing.

There are two guitars in the band, but they generally take a back seat to the synth that often taps a style that will be very familiar to fans of the Cure. “The Sad Valentine” has a “Friday I'm in Love” feel to it yet it has a healthy dose of Killers involved, too. A similar sound pervades “Somebody Poisoned the Well” but Henderson switches gears to finish off the disc sounding like a straining-at-the-lung Police-era Sting for “What's Been Lost” then (finally!) sounding like the American band that they are with the punky “Got Your Number.”

Nothing here is earth shattering but this EP makes its point – be on the lookout for good stuff from Communiqué.

Grade: B