What's your favorite movie cliche? Is it the one where the cold-hearted big-city guy winds up in a small town and learns the value of community? Or are you a “They hated each other; now they love each other!” kind of person? Perhaps you like movies where the protagonist learns the importance of teamwork or friendship. It doesn't matter – Cars has it all and then some.

Perhaps in a bid to capitalize on NASCAR's popularity, Cars trots out the most formulaic and patronizing script of any Pixar film thus far. But even with that going against it, the first name in animation manages to work its magic again, delivering incredible life to yet another batch of soulless inanimate objects and splattering the entire production with clever car-centric metaphors for everything from commerce to cow-tipping to prison.

By film's end and against all reason, the cars make you care. Credit goes to the animators more than the scriptwriters for that feat, but one can't function without the other.

Extras: Mater and the Ghostlight animated short, One Man Band animated short, behind-the-scenes feature and deleted scenes.

Grade: B