One can't imagine living in the shadow of the world's most famous dad, but one could only be thankful for the blessings of prodigy to eloquently survive in the transparent fishbowl of family fame.

If you accept the status quo, then you can freely invent art expression that is uniquely yours. And with friends like Disney's favorite rebel Lindsay Lohan and Star Wars' eternal diva Carrie Fisher you can have fun along the way.

Such notable pals transformed into planetary characters of evolving venues in film shorts to interpret Lennon's 10 new songs that impregnate his sophomore offering Friendly Fire. Each song is embedded with conscientious messages like “You get what you deserve” and Life's a movie that we sleep through” as if to remind himself we must always be cognizant of feelings and actions in the present tense because there's no ‘Take 2' on life's stage.

Lennon inhabits dual roles of puppet master and marionette with sovereignty in both entertainment and education through eerie vignettes that reveal the fragile nature of humanity.