Before he went on to make such testosterone-heavy films as The Perfect Storm , Troy and summer's water-logged Poseidon , director Wolfgang Petersen showed off his lighter side with a fanciful fairy tale: The Never Ending Story .

Released in 1984, Story begins when a young boy named Bastian (Barret Oliver), still grieving over the loss of his mother, comes upon a mystical, magical book that he finds intriguing. Living in the book is Fantasia, a land created by humankind, which is dying at the hands of “The Nothing.”

A young warrior is needed to find a cure for Fantasia and the creatures it contains; and, as he is the one opening the book, this task falls into the hands of Bastian.

As part of its ongoing Midnight Madness series, the Rialto Theatre, in Pasadena will screen Story at midnight on Saturday. Upcoming programs in the Midnight Madness series include The Last Dragon (Dec. 2) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dec. 9).

The Rialto Theatre is located at 1023 Fair Oaks Ave., in Pasadena. Tickets are $8.75 per person and can be purchased at the Theatre's box office or online at