Kiran Shahani and Shana Halligan pair exquisitely as Bitter Sweet, making music that is perfect for chilling out or as the title indicates, heating things up. Shahani uses a variety of electronic sounds to make a bed for Halligan to writhe seductively on – an outlet for her to go through an overnight bag full of emotions.

On “The Mating Game” she stalks her love-prey, on “Overdue” she has him cornered and by the time “Moving Forward” rolls around she is apologetically headed for the door. Through it all she exhibits a sultry coolness edged with a bit of danger – sort of the consummate Bond-girl. Shahani's arrangements touch on trip-hop (“Don't Forget to Breathe”) and Latin (the samba of “Heaven”) and fans of bands like Morcheeba will find Bitter Sweet especially appealing. Lust doesn't have to be bombastic and Th e Mating Game proves it with a trail of rose petals that lead straight to the bedroom.

Grade: A