Bustiers, corsets, feathers and lot and lots of flowers – this is the vision that fashion designer Jennifer Palmer has brought to the fashion world. Her goal is to make hearts go thump and a man’s body heat rise when he looks at his woman wearing one of her creations.

"I’ve always loved flowers. I think flowers are so feminine," says the vivacious blonde. "A lot of men either give flowers or lingerie, so I thought I would combine the two."

The Michigan native graduated in 1993 from the International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Chicago and started designing in 2002, moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career styling for the entertainment industry. Although Palmer has dabbled in both acting and real estate, she soon returned to her first love – fashion design.

A self-proclaimed designer since age 9, Palmer remembers tearing up tablecloths and making things out of whatever materials she could get her hands on as a child. In high school, Palmer discovered her true calling when she coordinated and designed a fashion show.

"I love the designing process, it’s just so creative," bubbles Palmers. "I get an image in my mind, colors with textures, and it evolves from there. My favorite part is designing the clothing, just getting a vision and putting it together," she continues. "Making it and seeing people wearing it in a fashion show is the greatest thing for me."

Palmer’s designs were seen at this year’s Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards and at Hugh Hefner’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party.

Palmer displayed her creative collection at a recent fashion show held at the newly remodeled Shelter lounge in West Hollywood. A bevy of beautiful models scantily clothed in nothing but Palmer’s lingerie swaggered onto the runway with confidence. The strobe lights amid the hoots and hollers of the crowd encouraged one model to really strut her stuff, wearing a sexy black-and-white maid’s bra and panty set topped with a pink bow.

A few of Palmer’s stand-out designs include a beige corset with small, pink flowers and matching garter and a two-piece set vibrantly colored in green and blue with plumes standing high. For those with animalistic desires, try the leopard print camisole with black straps, or tempt your inner rebel with the black-and-white vinyl-cupped bra and panty set.

"I think [the collection is] very feminine," Palmer says. "Every woman that tries it on, [even if] they’re in a bad mood, [can] put it on and they feel very feminine and sexy."

What surprises Palmer is that women, rather than men, are the dominant purchasers of her lingerie line.

"It’s more of a present for the woman [to herself] as opposed to the usual [practice] of when a man gives lingerie. Initially, I thought that more men would be buying lingerie for their girlfriends and wives but actually more women are into it."

The best part of the Garden Lingerie Collection is that it’s not just for the bedroom. Palmer strongly recommends her customers throw on a pair of jeans with a bustier, go out on the town and watch heads turn. With outerwear now in, there’s no need to hide Palmer’s collection of beautifully-detailed clothing.

Palmer currently works out of her home but will soon be bringing her fashions to the public, planning to sell her pieces in trendy boutiques and high-end department stores. If you can’t wait, log on to www.gardenlingerie.com for a peek of what her line has to offer.