Movies starring professional wrestlers are one thing. But who seriously thought it was a good idea to hand a starring vehicle over to Glen “Kane” Jacobs, a man whose acting chops are horrid even by professional wrestling standards?

Fortunately, Kane has roughly three lines throughout all of See No Evil . The rest of the time, he's killing someone, walking around with a dumb look on his face, or admiring his jar of human eyeballs.

Why does he have a jar of human eyeballs, you ask? Hey, who knows? Some character sketching is done toward the end of Evil , but it simply makes for more head-scratching.

Between the leading man, his nine agonizingly dull victims-to-be and some obnoxious style choices, there's little reason for Evil to ever be seen. So do as the film says and skip it.

Extras: Writer/director commentary, Kane commentary, making-of documentary, storyboards and WWE promo spots.

Grade: D