As World Series go, 2006 runs second only to 1994 in terms of disappointment, with two teams trying their hardest to make like the 1919 White Sox and give the thing away. But Major League Baseball can't very well elect not to make a DVD about a World Series simply because it wasn't very good, so here it is.

The official DVD of the 2006 World Series features, somehow, nearly two hours of highlights – right down to every last slip, fall and errant throw past third from a Tiger pitcher. Fans in St. Louis surely will enjoy it, but here's hoping MLB ordered a smaller print run than usual. Billy Bob Thornton narrates.

Extras: NLDS/NLCS clinch footage, celebration and trophy presentation footage, 1991 episode of “This Week in Baseball” featuring managers Tony LaRussa and Jim Leyland, 1982 World Series clincher and Cardinals highlights.

Grade: C