Dear Friends,

Welcome to Los Angeles! And if you already live here, we are going to remind you how lucky you are that you do. We want to make everyone feel at home here, which is exactly why we created this very special issue.

The holiday season, especially during the Rose Bowl, is the perfect time to introduce newcomers to L.A. and re-introduce the city to those of us who have been around here for a while. As you root for your favorite team, you will realize that in L.A., you have the world at your fingertips.

In this issue you will see that we have included many places in our city that “define L.A.” from a number of categories. Everyone is sure to find something they'll enjoy. For the shoppers in your crew we have compiled a list of exclusive places can only be found in L.A., as well as some of the best retail neighborhoods in the city.

Feel like squeezing in some culture with your club-hopping? Los Angeles has world-renowned museums and we have them all lined up for you here. Just as the Golden Gate Bridge is synonymous with San Francisco and the Statue of Liberty is an integral part of New York's identity, we have included information on some of the landmarks in L.A. that help define our city.

All of that walking around is going to build up your appetite, that's why we have some of the best food finds in L.A.   In Los Angeles, you can find any type of food your heart desires, so we came up with the top   ethnic restaurants to showcase some of the world's best ethnic foods prepared right here. Of course, no football-watching party would be complete without pizza, so we've included our picks for the best pizza in L.A.

As we prepare for the much-anticipated Rose Bowl game, we want the Wolverines to feel at home right here with the Trojans.   Don't miss the top sports bars we have included to help out all of our friendly sports fanatics. It will ensure that you never miss an exciting moment of that special game.   Need some music to get in the tail-gating spirit?   We have included our picks for best sport songs.   Since L.A. is the movie capital of the world, we have also included our picks for our favorite football movies.

Being host to our valued guests, we feel the responsibility of giving everyone what we like to call the “L.A. experience.” It is an experience like no other and one to remember for the rest of you life.

Warm regards,

The Campus Circle staff