Densely layered collages don't seem difficult considering that collages were always the last-ditch solutions for whatever college art project was assigned that week. Grab a couple of fashion magazines, a pair of scissors a glue stick, and within one hour you were good to go.

Artist Brenna Youngblood would think otherwise. Interested with both painting and photography she melds the two. The winning results form yet another merger in media.

The composition at first look is a cascade of stark colors that only heighten the intimacy of the painting as you continue to gaze. And those photographs, they're not from popular magazines off the rack, but rather, Youngblood's own.

Some of her photos depict the inner details of interior spaces like light bulbs and electrical outlets. Then they become amalgamated with layers of paper, acrylic and spray paint resulting in images of a lot of life's everyday things.

You only need to look at Monitor and The Revolving Door to get a sense of what Youngblood is trying to accomplish. The dark richness of color gives off a sheen of grime that only adds to your perspective of what is often looked at as normal.

The mundane is increased tenfold by looking at these paintings. Youngblood's unique portrait of what surrounds us in everyday life.

Isolated never looked so beautiful.

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