Domestication is a scary thing, and engaged-to-be-engaged father-to-be Michael (Zach Braff) has lots of reasons to be terrified. One buddy (Casey Affleck) is trapped in an unhappy marriage, another (Michael Weston) is a prisoner in his own mind after a bad break-up. His would-be in-laws (Blythe Danner and Tom Wilkinson) are tired of each other, and the only guy who seems to be having fun (Eric Christian Olsen) is also the only one who is single.

The Last Kiss is one of those films you've likely seen before about the state of monogamy and the bad things that happen to good relationships. What makes it work is its ability to be heartfelt and dryly honest without letting itself get swallowed by some morose black hole.

That little ray of sunshine adds levity to the film, but it also makes it that much easier to care about the characters when things get ugly. Rachel Bilson and Jacinda Barrett also star.

Extras: Director/cast commentary, deleted scenes, favorite scenes, bloopers and music video.

Grade: B+