Every movie lover around the world got a little bit of joy in their holiday stocking recently courtesy of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. With news that a fourth Indiana Jones feature is locked in and ready for release in May 2008, why not grab that fedora hat and bull whip that's stashed in your closet and celebrate with Raiders of the Lost Ark , the movie that started it all.  

It may be troubling for you to see a 64-year-old Harrison Ford lace 'em up and play action-heavy again in the new film, but as long as you have the cinematic glory that is Ford decking Nazis, hanging on to fast moving vehicles and being chased by a rather large boulder, the question arises: does it really matter?

You all know the story. Boy is told to find a mythic artifact. Boy needs to find girl to help him find said artifact. Boy finds girl who proceeds to sock boy in the face, but boy falls back in love with girl. Boy and girl get stuck in snake pit. Boy fights towering Nazi in the desert as a fast moving airplane tries to cut the two in half.

The film did spawn both the good (Ford and Sean Connery's chemistry in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was tremendous) and cheesy bad (most of Temple of Doom , except for the final bridge sequence), but it's the first that will always be great – a pure cinematic thrill ride that'll have your eyes open at times. And trust us, your face will not melt.

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